All rewards disappear after Mac update


After updating my mac to “macOS Big Sur”, all my rewards seem to have disappeared. When looking at my reward setting it says that I have “6 Ads received this month”, when I had well over a couple hundred if I remember correctly…

Is there anything I can do to fix it? I’ve tried to find the answer online without any luck, but I’m sorry if I missed a past thread.

Kind regards

Still nothing? No reply’s at all, anyone knows anything?

Hi @Barathon, there are quite a few similar posts to yours right now, unfortunately. I think there must be some technical issue being worked on - and it probably doesn’t help that payout is here now. I imagine there will be some official post forthcoming, regarding this issue.

I know it’s frustrating, but if you don’t see some change or hear from Support by the end of the week, I suggest you open a new topic under the appropriate category to be seen better (and with more details of your situation).

If you’re a Creator, you should post under Publishers:

…if you’re not a Creator, pick whichever category best applies to you, and for ‘tags’ you can choose your OS. In the text box that appears there is either some pre-filled instructions on what information to include, or links to check out first to see if you can troubleshoot anything yourself.

I do wish you good luck.

Hi @saereV! I appreciate you taking the time to reply and helping me out! Next time I’ll post it in the right category, but let’s just hope it’s solved before that!

Have a good week!

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I understand… I really would’ve tried helping you more, but I’m Windows/ Android :upside_down_face:

Haha all good! Lets just see what happnes, as long as I’m not the only one experiencing the same issues sooner or later they’ll fix it!

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I think it has reset because its the start of a new month… It happens all the time, Don’t worry :slight_smile:

But if you are missing any Pending Rewards then its a problem.

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I thought so as well, but my wallet is empty and under “pending rewards” I can only see 29 adds or something, i.e., a lot are missing. The pay-out date is the 5th every month, right? Is it an automatic process or do I need to claim them by doing something? :slight_smile:

Hi @Barathon you can read this post from Support about the payout processing - which is still going.

Keep your eye on it for updates, and if you should still have issues after the process is finished, you can follow the instructions on how to proceed.

If you’re a Creator, or for any Creators who may read this post, this one is for you:

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