Alert Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users, Do Not Enable Brave Experimental Adblock Rules and Access Youtube, You will Lose Access to all of open tabs

Alert Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users, Do Not Enable Brave Experimental Adblock Rules and Access Youtube, You will Lose Access to all of open tabs.

Yes, Enabling Brave Experimental Adblock Rules and Accessing Youtube will Completely Crash the Brave Browser and If you are unlucky and had Lot of Important tabs opened in a profile(which has also got youtube opened), Chances are you will Lose Access to all of them as Even Going offline will not Stop the Crash(Clicking Restore tabs(which Brave will Prompt after a crash has been detected)-> If you click Restore, yt tab also will attempt to Restore and this will cause the crash again, I tried Going offline but it still does not stop the crash).

V3 Effect ? Whatever the case is, The Only Chances of You Recovering the open tabs on the Profile which is currently crashing is while you have Multiple Brave Profiles, Go to other Profile which doesn’t have yt being opened, Go to content filters and disable Brave Adblock Experimental Rules and Launch the Profile which is currently crashing,Everything will be Fine now, Yes i know Brave Shields is not effective as the devs failed to add “Brave Ad Block First Party Filters” This component is completely missing in Brave Shields of Win 8.1, Maybe if the devs take time to incorporate this component with older shields, maybe adblock will work ? I dont know whether this is a mistake which they didnt notice or something incompatible but whatever the case is, Yt ads takes charge Now… Previously, Brave Shields was winner, Now, Not anymore(Shields for yt appeared weaker which is the Reason why i tried Enabling Experimental Rules with the hopes of adblocking will be restored, Seems like the answer is No).

3 Methods to Block Youtube ads even without shields or adblock Extensions

  1. Connect to Russian VPN Server using Troywell
  2. Old Methods which are added by me Still Works

Dont want to use a Extension?, Get ASUS MW203 and use back and forward button Faster.


Last Method will work But Not Recommended for Now because they have not been updated for a Long time, Also, I dont have the time to fix yt ads as i am working on New Projects and yt is not the Place where i spend more time now.

Maybe If Brave Shields team Expect Perfection, they will fix ? Either way, Considering how limited my yt watchtime has turned down, I can Manage with these Alternative methods. I am Happy and thankful for Brave Shields Working Perfectly on all other websites.

Tried to Check Reddit after few days of inactivity, Browser just crashes while the Reddit site is attempted to Load, Disabling Shields Fixes the issue.

Went with the Mindset of Checking Reddit updates but with this crash incident, i will check reddit updates later in the weekend, Hopefully within that timeframe, Shields can possibly be fixed if there are chances still available and I can use Reddit with Shields ON.

Because of a test youtube rule using qoutes, was there a reason to enable experimental list in win7/8 in the first place?

only recently i tried to Enable the Brave Experimental adblock rules because only recently adblocking by shields for yt use case became ineffective

I am not seeing any ads or audio but the player is just black for few seconds before the video gets played(the black player duration is likely the same duration as ads). I Enabled filter with the hopes of turning on Brave Experimental Adblock Rules will Fix the blocking but it crashed the browser after the option is enabled and the yt site is Loaded/Reloaded.

I Still have shields Enabled, it does a good job in not showing the ad, but the black player is there for which i am using Method 2 as workaround, Connecting to Russian VPN server gives Premium YT Experience.

Please Check what is wrong with Reddit


Whats the issue with reddit? Just loaded and some subreddits. What am I looking for?

You need to test it on Windows 8.1/Windows 7

Attempting to Load Reddit Crashes the Browser… I can Record a video if you want to see it.

Users are Reporting on Reddit

Seems happening only recently

i also had problems with google based domains like for which i have disabled shields , My usage of Google search reduced due to bard for which there are no ads, so Google is fine, Now Reddit needs to be fixed, Also please check this one

A fix went out.

Force update of brave://components/ Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.6786 (or better)

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Reddit issue Fixed.

Is there any reason which you can give for “Brave Ad Block First Party Filters” component not being available on windows 8.1 ?

no updates going out for older builds, there is plenty of bugs for it also (which reddit is one)

But win7/8 users still get the same lists as everyone currently.

Is there anyway to manually update the filters list ?

I mean is it possible for me to do the manual work which is done by a browser update where i can add all the new filter lines by myself ?

Done automatically, don’t need to do anything. Don’t need to update asap, only when some bug is resolved. otherwise it runs in the background