Aha! I found the problem (Bat does not Transfer to Gemini Upon Verifying.)

“does not exist in payments issuer public keys”

Due to the recent update brave have gone trouble and I think they deleted the payment issuer which is used to pay Verified Accounts.

The Problem with Transferring Bat to the Verified Accounts is due to the new update/build. I hope they could see this post. Please help as This maybe take us to a solution.


Its means the system verifies your brave reward and the corresponding key, the two should be present or matched but the problem is that the system couldn’t find the publickey(response is missing publicKey) therefore it wouldn’t allow the Bats(brave rewards) to be move or transfer whenever the wallet is verified.

Then what should i do now?
Can it cause any problem me and how did it occur ?

You found the solution for it?

@SaltyBanana @steeven @Mattches
Can you please resolve this issue?

we could not resolve this, Its up to the devs.

No what i am asking is.is it only my problem or many people are having this and why does it occur?

There are lot of people affected by this problem. I think they should take a look on it. I guess the it would be one step closer to the solution because the problem has already been found.

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How do you know the problem has been found out and in my android my rewards are stuck,they dont increase at all but in my pc they are working like normal

You mean do have withdrawn your bat in your pc?

Yeah,i had recieved it from pc when the payout was done

It started showing in my logs since today

I guess you one of the lucky one, I have friends who just verified brave and got no luck withdrawing their earned bat because of the error.

No i had recieved it on on the usual payment date of 7th.but it started showing in logs today and is it a issue that will be solved ?

So if my problem is not solved,i will not recieve my payment at time of next payout?

I guess yes, If this issue still persist, we won’t get the reward in to our exchange accounts.

You too having the same problem?

yes, and my friends too. When we verify brave wallet the balances won’t transfer in our accounts, It just stays in the browsers.

Okay lets wait and see what happens but if you recieve any update please share and i want to ask you does your reward increase after seeing ads?

Can you please look into this issue?