After completing a search on my brave browser on my phone, Chrome on my MAC picks up the search

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After completing a search on my brave browser on my phone, Chrome on my MAC picks up the search.

**Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Open Brave and complete a search with your MAC open
  2. See if Chrome picks up the search on your MAC
  3. You will see a cellphone icon next to the chrome logo

Reproduces how often: 100%

Brave Version 1.41 (

I’m not sure:

**Additional Information: The whole point of using Brave is so that Google doesn’t know as much about you. I was shocked when my Brave Browser told google about the exact pages I was visiting on my phone. **

Are you signed into your Google account on both devices? Additionally, can you share a screenshot of what you’re describing in step 3 above?

I don’t have Chrome installed on my phone at all. The icon is in the lower right hand corner of my MAC menu bar at the bottom (it’s a chrome logo with the cell phone icon). I complete a search from my cell and Brave tells Chrome about it on my MAC. My guess is that it is tied to my Apple ID somehow but my MAC forces me to use my Apple ID for various features (not related to this) that I need.

I see. And again to confirm, you’re using Google search on your phone, and you are logged into your Google account both on your macOS Chrome installation, and in Brave on your phone?

I know it’s hard to believe but I do not have chrome installed on my cell. I am not logged into chrome from my cell. I am a network engineer for a cable company. I use the brave search when I’m browsing on my cell phone for personal use only and on my MAC I use Chrome browser only (never using brave for work). However, Chrome somehow picks up the cell phone Brave search. I am using Chrome for work only on my work MAC (which is using private IP space via either Cisco AnyConnect VPN or Global protect depending on what I’m doing). I don’t think the VPN part will be relevant because I can just be using my Comcast home internet connection and get my cell phone Brave search to come up on my MAC chrome browser too.

I hope that helps.

I am not using the google search feature available through Brave.

So what you’re seeing is the macOS “Handoff” feature and actually has nothing to do with either browser or either search engine. Basically, on your iPhone, you’re using a browser and the handoff feature detects this, and allows you to continue that work on your macOS using the default browser selected on the system — in your case, Chrome.

If you were to turn off the “Handoff” feature, you would no longer see this behavior.

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Sweet and done! Thank you!

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