After action "Find on page..." the browser cannot Scroll, copy, or interact without refocusing



When using the “Find” function, usually executed with ctrl+F (Find on Page… using cmd+F for macs), cancelling out of the action does not resume focus back to the current browser tab. The result of this is that after trying to search for text, you are unable to interact with the browser (such as scroll, copy currently selected text, etc), without having to re-click on the current tab.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Open a tab, and load any URL that has text on the page, such as a Wikipedia page.
  • Press ctrl+F to begin search (cmd+F for macs).
  • Type any text in the input textbox to find a matching string.
  • Press Esc to exit out of the Find function
  • Any subsequent attempts to interact with the page fails, such as:
    • ctrl+C to copy the currently selected text
    • Scrolling in the window using either arrow keys or mousewheel (Note: scrolling using mousewheel/two-finger swipe on macOS still works due to the way scrolling is implemented on macOS. By default, macOS allows any window to react to scrolling as long as the cursor is hovering over the window, even windows that are not in focus)

Expected Behavior:

  • After searching for matching text, pressing Esc (to exit Find) should allow ctrl+C to copy the resulting highlighted text.
  • Scrolling should be immediately responsive, via either mousewheel, touchpad, or up/down arrowkeys
  • Possibly other operations should be responsive, without having to re-click on the current tab to gain focus.

Affected Operating Systems:

  • As far as I know, this is prevalent in both Windows and macOS, since at least v0.19.70

I believe this was reported once a few months ago here: Find links in page However, I think the responding developer mistook the bug report for a feature request for searching only by links.

Name Version
Brave 0.19.88
rev c29eca6
Muon 4.5.15
libchromiumcontent 62.0.3202.89
V8 6.2.414.40
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel Release
OS Platform macOS
OS Release 16.7.0
OS Architecture x64


Bump. Can anyone else corroborate this?