Find links in page


On desktop, it would be handy to be able to find links and follow them via the keyboard. In Chrome, for example, you can open Cmd/Ctrl F, type in the text of a link you see on the page (which finds it on the page), press Escape (which focuses that link), and press Enter (follows the link).

Firefox is the best with its “Search for text when you start typing” option.

However, in Brave, you can find a link (as in Chrome), but Escape does not focus the link and thus there is no way to follow the link.

After action "Find on page..." the browser cannot Scroll, copy, or interact without refocusing

Hi @adrian

I have logged your request, it can be tracked at the link below. I am closing this thread, if you have additional requests please feel free to open a new thread for each request. Thanks for your feedback!


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