Advanced option to continue to untrusted websites

Hi Guys!

I’ve recently switched my default browser to Brave and have to manage a lot of different devices and websites that don’t have a trusted SSL certificate. In all other browsers this is not a problem, because when an SSL certificate is not trusted, you can click continue and the website is shown.
Because Brave is much more secure for it’s regular users, you want to block untrusted websites and don’t want users to continue. But for IT admins like me, this blocks my usage of Brave significantly as I can’t do my job with Brave and have to switch to another browser.

So I would like to request an advanced option in brave://flags that allows you to continue to insecure websites (even from non-localhost webservers). This off course should be disabled by default to protect regular users, but can be enabled to allow IT admins to continue to “unsecure” websites.

I can imagine that creating this option would boost the usage of Brave by IT admins.

Keep up the good work!

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Agreed. I’m a developer and I run a container on localhost with an SSL certificate (to test the full stack in development), on other browsers I can choose to trust the cert and carry on. Having to constantly switch out of brave just to do my day to day is going to be a show stopper.

Indeed, have had to install firefox just to manage kubernetes and other internal services at work, which is a horrible experience that I have to launch a new browser just because Brave has decided to lock it down. An option to continue should exists, at least after enabling a flag/setting that you understand what the risks are with adding a “proceed anyways”.

If you are on MacOS with this problem, just click on the page somewhere and type in the following “thisisunsafe” and it will unlock the page for you.