Brave and the behaviour with self-signed certificates can be really annoying for website developers!

I am currently updating and moving a website for a friend. The website was developed with CMS and I need to simulate the live environment with a LAMP system on my laptop. Since the website with the CMS has to run with https I had to create a self signed certificate with openssl and redirected the entry via the host file to the virtual Apache host.

Every time I go to the website or the CMS with brave, I have to confirm the message that it is insecure 2 times by clicking. When you have done this 500 times a day, it becomes extremely annoying and you voluntarily switch browsers!

I tried it with chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost, but that doesn’t work, or probably only with https://localhost. Personally, I am a convinced Brave user, but I have now decided to use a different browser to move/update the website, and I think that’s a bummer.

For others this may be a knock-out criterion!?

Regards Thomas

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