Ads on YouTube appearing again

@fanboynz Are you guys already working at preventing all these ads on YouTube? I just went to look up a video on my shocked at how many ads popped up at the top of the results. Not sure if you guys are able to do anything about it. But it’s definitely annoying.

This is on my iPhone using 15.3 OS.
Brave Version 1.34.1 (


And what I saw and my Shield settings is in screenshots below

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I don’t know about iOS But in Android everything is fine here

Yeah, this might end up being like Fanboynz has told me before that they are limited on ad prevention with iOS because of not being able to do certain types of scripts or whatever. But wanted to post as I hadn’t been having issues and it just popped up today. Always want to bring up things that are new to me just in case there’s a possible fix. Otherwise just learn to adapt around it until someone figures out solutions in the future


Cosmetic filtering (like text/div’s) aren’t blocked on ios. We can easily target the video ads on youtube however.


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