Ads coming but ads counter not working/counting brave desktop browser

Now my Android Brave browser has stopped counting BAT as well, in spite of receiving over 10+ ads since 1st October…

Brave 1.14.86, Chromium 85.0.4183.127, Android 9, SM-950F.

Hello @tmancey,

Sorry for late reply!

The issue has been solved for me after I updated the browser and I had to manually update the browser because the auto update won’t work idk why!

If I face this issue again then I’ll mail you directly, thanks.

Hi, sorry. What update solved the problem for you?

Hello, Tmancey, I have the same problem as many and I am willing to share a screen. What should I do?

Exact same thing, I’m also facing this problem since Oct 1st, ads coming but not counting & BATs not increasing. (Android)
I have sent you a dm @Mattches, please try & solve this problem little quickly.

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I’m also facing this problem since Oct 1st

Thank you for the help in identifying the cause of this issue. We are working on a fix as a priority and will update this thread once resolved. Terry


Should we wait for a next browser update? I appreciate that you are informing us and that this problem is resolved soon

@Ciro1I As soon as we have a fix which has been tested by quality assurance we will be able to provide a timeline. However rest assured this is a high priority. Thank you


What about the unpaid Ads that we are getting ?
Will we get BATs for the ads that dint give us rewards once this is fixed ?
Lossing a lots of BATs & time to fix it is :man_shrugging:t2:.

Have a look into this topic @Steven_Smith

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@Rotblut The big question is that. Are people going to get paid for all the unpaid ads they have seen once it is fixed.


Most likely not going to get paid for the ads viewed while the system was broken. But that really is a secondary benefit, getting paid to look at advertising is a bonus on top of the security and privacy being offered. Even though I did purchase a Trezor and signed up to EToro from the ads. I bought a bunch of BAT thru Coinbase, so this ad thing is some extra coins for when BAT hits $100.00 per token. :sunglasses:

I was last month. First it was not seen but then suddenly appeared and on the 4th i got my payment.

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Hello, first I was only facing the same issue on my Android phone 7.0 with Brave version: 1.14.86, Chromium 85.0.4183.127. But now, I don’t get anymore ads… (I already sent a private message for @Mattches)

Second, I started to face the same issue on my Linux machine which is: Ubuntu 20.04. I’m receiving ads but doesn’t count anymore from yesterday in the evening. I’m using: Brave x64 Version 1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121.

On the other hand, on my Windows machine everything works perfectly for now.

EDIT: Brave seems to be fixed now on my Ubuntu (by itself).

@Rotblut Let’s hope for that ‘suddenly appeared’’ moment then.

Got the same issue since 2 weeks on 2 Computers Version 1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (32-bit). Windows 7. Im myself a developer and im courious if this was an serverside problem or a wrong use of brave ?

Is there any update about the problem.

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I’m having a similar issue: I get ads and the counter works but not receiving BAT

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I only get 0.01Bat per ads. So which country has a higher advertising price?

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