Ads coming but ads counter not working/counting brave desktop browser

it still weekend so i think you could expect your response starting from tomorrow

and have a nice day

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Something is really wrong if the course of action is for hundreds of individuals to PM one developer.

Meanwhile plenty others are none-the-wiser and continue to be robbed of their earnings.


For anyone here still encountering the issue:

If you’ve sent me a DM with the requested information – I got it and the info has been forwarded to the necessary team members and we are actively working on a solution. Please exercise patience as problems like this are often complex.


anyone using the version before the update having the same issue?

Thank you for giving us information, then we will wait for an update to solve this serious problem.

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having this exact issue today… :sweat::sweat:

For anyone here who is encountering this issue – we are wondering if one of you would be willing to jump on a call with a team member and I later to screen share and see if we can further isolate the issue.

If you’re interested in helping us with this, please send me a DM with the subject line “Ads Counter Screen Share” so I can easily tell who is interested. Note that we will likely only need one volunteer at this time.

Thank you.


Also, a couple of other questions for the thread. What OS and Brave versions are you using? Also, do any of you have your same Brave rewards account connected to multiple devices?


I’ve had this problem for months…since I first started using. Quite frustrating, glad it’s not just me

In my case, my brave rewards account is only connected to one device and my version of Brave is Version 1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (32 bits)

Hi same issue for me, counter stopped working. I reinstall Brave, but no change in ads count.

hi, i’m on mac os and i have this issue for 10 days.

I have Brave rewards connected to multiple laptops - two are Windows 10 and one is OSX and all are running 1.14.84. Let me know if you need more info

Hi @yotov96, I work on the ads team at Brave. Would you be willing to screen-share so I can help diagnose the issue? Thanks

Hi @tiezze, I work on the ads team at Brave. Would you be willing to screen-share so I can help diagnose the issue? Thanks

Hello @tmancey,

I have a same issue and this is what happens :-

We recieve the ads but we don’t receive any bats for them

Here’s the screenshots

Before I had 5.800 Bats and received 212 ads

After I received an ad but the bats are still 5.800

I have the same issue counter stuck at 17 and not updating. same with android…

Hi, Would you be willing to screen-share so I can investigate the issue? If so, could you please send an email to and I will reply with the meeting details. Thanks in advance. Terry

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I also have the same issue.

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I also am having the same issue. I have not received BAT credit for viewing adds the past few days. And my rewards have not reset for the month of October. If I can be of help to the Rewards Staff in helping to diagnose this issue please shoot me a message.