Ad's appear on youtube in the desktop version

Hi. For the last couple weeks youtube has been showing up in my brave browser on my desktop computer, but not my iphone. I’ve checked and it shows that I am up to date with the latest version, yet when I try to update the brave ad block updater(which is at Version: 1.0.621), yet it keeps telling me that it won’t update(message appears saying “Component not updated”). Can I get some perspective on what’s up with this? Thanks.

Hi @undeadmerc3,
We have a megathread for this topic please see:

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Go to mobile support and submit the issue.

I figure since i’m only having this problem on the desktop version that the desktop forums are more appropriate for this issue.

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Hi. I opened up another thread in the mobile forums, but they closed it as a duplicate. I can’t blame them. I understand that the issue is likely to be better resolved in a future update, but what should I do in the time being.

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