Adjust backspace functionality in tab switch window

A) As a user in the tab switch window, press the backspace key to return to my last opened tab, so I can quickly and intuitively cancel the tab switch flow.


B) As a user in the tab switch window, include a restoration link for a tab closed by the backspace key, so I can quickly tell which tab I closed and restore it if desired.

Currently, the backspace key closes some tab in the tab switch window, and does not include a link to restore that closed tab. As such, it is unclear which tab was closed. Is it the last opened tab? Is it the last tab in the list? (Are these the same?) Additionally, recovering this tab requires opening a new tab and referring to the history, which is a clunky process at best.

In Chrome, this backspace functionality is the same, and certainly Brave owes much of its functionality to Chrome. In Firefox, backspace returns to the last active tab, which I find far preferable. Perhaps a setting to switch between these options is optimal, but at the very least a way to restore the closed tab would be excellent.