Added more news sources to 'Brave Today' by country

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Recently there was the addition of the ‘Brave Today’ feature.
It’s a great idea :bulb: to occasionally check the news from your Brave web browsers that are open every day. Except that as a French :clipperton_island: person the news does not interest me very much because it is more news from the USA :us: / UK :uk: … I would suggest adding a button for users to submit other news sources (that it be verified :white_check_mark: by Brave), and to classify them according to the country :world_map:.

What do you think :thinking: ? If you would also like to see the addition of this feature bring this post up :chart_with_upwards_trend:.

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I live in New Zealand :new_zealand: and like Matisse I would like to have more choice over my news feeds and be able to include some of our local news services.


As an English speaker living in Japan, I want to see more than ONLY Japanese news feeds in Brave Today. Am I just not configuring it correctly?
I like Matissime’s idea above of a country button, or a way to plug in my sources.

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Currently, you can only plug in the sources manually. Click Customize in a new tab. Click Brave News. Put your desired news site’s RSS URL into “Feed URL”. Click Add source.

Currently, you can only add the sources manually:
Customize a new tab.
Add the desired news site’s RSS feed URL manually under “Your Sources”.