How do I enable Pop-ups?

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  1. Some sites require pop-ups for proper functioning
  2. I can’t figure out how to allow pop-ups

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I want to enable pop-ups.

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I might be dense, but a search of this site does not turn up a concise, explicit, useable, answer on how to allow pop-ups. Best I can figure is to click on the little “shields” icon and turn it off completely. Seems like overkill. Is there a better way? Seems like it should be an obvious, top-level, highly visible, option somewhere because there are so many websites that rely on pop-ups to work. Until I (just now) figured out how to disable shields I had to resort to waking up Firefox for websites that fail to behave,

(I have seen instructions that might be out-of-date because they refer to settings I can’t find.)

Hi @browser1,

There is a section in the settings of the browser where you can add approved sites for pop-ups and redirects.

  1. Type in Brave://settings in the search bar or the settings option in the menu.

  2. Click the search icon at the top right of the page once it opens and search for “pop” to narrow down the options.

  3. At the bottom of the filtered options you should see “Site and Shield Settings”, click on that.

  4. Scroll down until you see “Pop-Ups and Redirects”, click on that.

  5. There should now be the ability to add sites to the “Allow” or “Block” list. So, add whatever site you like to the “Allow” list.

Hope that works for you :slight_smile:

Thanks, but YIKES, that’s a pretty deep dive!

When a site doesn’t work it is not always obvious that it’s because a pop-up was blocked. Brave should put up an obvious notice saying

Pop-up blocked.
- Allow yes/no
- Remember yes/no

Otherwise one is not sure if something is broken or if one simply does not understanding how to use the site nor what to do about it. It is frustrating.

It’s not a deep of a dive as you think – @wetkoala was simply trying to give you detailed instructions to avoid confusion. He also could have said:
"Type brave://settings/content/popups into your browser and set this option to Allowed"

Can you be more specific about the site you’re trying to use that requires pop-ups?

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