Add option to "Take a Screen Shot" like on FireFox

In FireFox for the Mac, one can do a right-click on a web page and at the very bottom of the menu that comes up, one can select to take a “screen shot” of that web page which then is saved as a png file.
“Screen Shot” is a bit of a misnomer because one can save either a selected part of the web page or the complete web page including everything on that web page that doesn’t actually show on the screen (the part where one would normally have to scroll).
I use that option quite a bit and would prefer not having to go back to FireFox for that option.
I also prefer it over the Mac option to save the web page as a pdf (via the print menu) because many web pages don’t save a web page properly that way.
The FF save as a png file always worked properly for me

Hi @krs,

Welcome to community and thanks for the suggestion! I’ll create an issue for this.