Full Page Screenshots

screenshots.firefox.com is absolutely fantastic!

Could we get something alike on Brave, eventually?

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How about going one (great) step further and provide a web page snapshot, with the original link saved somewhere - sort of your private Web Archive? This is a feature of Firefox (still working on the pre 52 versions) that the Scrapbook extension provided. Actually ScrapbookX was the current updated version. Web Scrapbook for Chrome and Firefox * is Danny Lin’s current work at rewriting ScrapbookX for Chrome and Firefox - maybe Brave could give him a hand, AND add a feature where the page saved is saved in the cloud rather than locally.

I’ve been using an extension for Chrome and it works for Brave. It doesn’t allow you to crop, however but it does allow full page captures:

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Brave Browser is a fork of Chrome, so I doubt that specific extension will work.

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I just tried it and for me, it worked perfectly.

The smoothiest screenshot extension ever was exactly this!
Thanks Jetah!

I’d love this feature too - it’s feels lousy to depend on an extension for something some common as this in 2024; Brave already has a screenshot feature, it should be a matter of just making it the whole page/frames on page.