Add new root certificate authorities in Brave settings UI


I’m using Brave on a desktop computer under Windows 10 and on a laptop using Linux Mint 19 (v0.24.0).

I can see that the Brave options are pretty different on both platforms, the W10 using Chromium settings, and the one on Mint seems using a “Brave UI” for settings.
I like much better the “Brave UI” settings, they are much more clear and the look and feel is a great success. And it is much consistent in the language, because on my W10 computer, some options are in my native language and some are in english, it’s a huge mess (which is not english as you may have already noticed :slight_smile: )

However, in Brave settings on Linux, I did not find an option to access the root certificate authorities (CA) trusted by my Brave and I was not able to add my own ones (from my company intranet for example).
Actually I did find a way to add it (I mention it for those facing the same problem), which was installing Chromium, and then add my own root CA in trusted root CAs via Chromium settings menu, that made it trusted by Brave as well. But I wished I didn’t have to rely on a 3rd party browser to achieve this operation, so I hope this feature will be available in the future without relying on Chromium settings UI which leaves me such a poorer user experience on W10.

EDIT: Sorry, browsing this forum made me realize that my Linux Brave was completely outdated… I just updated to 0.57.18 and this feature is available (through ugly Chromish settings UI though, but I saw this is still work on it). . I wished my old Brave had notified me that there was newer versions available :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway for the good work and congratulations for achieving such a browser !

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