Adblock stopped working

EDIT: Decided to restart the app to end my verification, and it is now working. Appears to be random. Still leaving the report here, for reference. Some users from Play Store appear to have similar complaints, so there might be a correlation, I don’t know.

Description of the issue: I see ads now. Shields are supposedly up. With the exception of fingerprinting methods, everything is at 0 when I check the shields tab.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to a site with built-in ads or tracking
  2. Observe that there are ads, and/or check the shields tab

Actual Result:

Expected result: Ads blocked and counter growing, as always.

Reproduces how often: Now always

Brave Version: 1.0.82

Mobile Device details: Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015), Custom ROM installed (Brave already functioned properly with it previously)

Android Version: 9

Additional Information: Apparently it started with this update.

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