Ad rewards not getting transferred to uphold

My ad earnings are not getting transferred to my uphold account even though it is already being successfully verified on this device. I already sent direct messages to one of your support team, but my message was ignored and deleted later.
I have few devices linked to same uphold account phone, home laptop, work laptop and tab, while some are able to transfer my earnings to uphold my android tab doesn’t do it. I disconnected uphold account and reconnect again but didn’t help.
Description of the issue:
Ad earnings are not getting transferred to my uphold account

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Sgp521 android 6.0.1 build 23.5.A.1.291
Additional Information:

Any solutions for this problem?
I’ve seen few posts related to this issue but none of them have solutions. Thanks

Hi, I have the same problem. I read a post where the admin indicates that they are working on this error and a solution will come out soon. keep waiting.

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I am having the same problem and have posted on a few threads but I have seen no solution yet.
BAT is just stuck here at the moment.

Add me to the list of not receiving my BAT rewards from my Creator account. It states it has been sent on 08-15-2020 to my Uphold account but nothing shows in Uphold.

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