Brave is not transferring to Uphold wallet

I would like a help, I haven’t received Brave bats in Uphold for a few months. I Re-Verified my Uphold Wallet and connected accounts a few months ago and today, but my BAT earnings have not been transferring to my Uphold Wallet. :confused:

I use the same Uphold account to manage the Brave Browser Desktop (Windows updated) and Brave Mobile (Android updated)


This might be because you might have Exceeded the Maximum 4 Devices Limit…

I too was having the same problem… But I created a Creators account like this: Link
From that link I can donate all my BATs to myself… And then it gets transferred into my Uphold Account…

If you want to create a Creators account, follow this link: Brave Creators | Sign Up

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Hello dear.
Tks for your help!

I try this and done!

Take care :wink: