Ad notifications not opening on Windows 11 when clicked


I updated to Windows 11 yesterday and when I click on ads in Brave now, they don’t open. I had this issue one other time in the past on Windows 10 and clearing my cache/history remedied the issue. I tried that again, but it still doesn’t seem to load the ads when I click on the notifications.

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Thank you for reaching out to us with this.
To confirm, this is the case with any/all pop-up ads that appear?


Hi @MDesigns, would you be willing to jump on a screen-share to diagnose the issue? Thanks


I am not sure as I don’t typically get notifications that open in my browser. However, I noticed that the issue seems to extend to links in my e-mail client. For instance, if I click an “unsubscribe” link in an e-mail, it doesn’t open Brave as it used to.


I cleared my cache again and restarted my computer and it is now working. Please disregard this.


Great news, thank you for the update. Terry