Ad notifications doesn't show the correct value

The ‘Ad notifications’ doesn’t show the correct value. You don’t see the notifications, but the number of ‘clicked ads’. See screenshots:

I propose to create 2 info lines:

  1. The number of notifications, in this example: 3.
  2. The number of clicked ads, in this example: 1.
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@Herman_N Thanks for reporting. Can you refresh brave://rewards or check the Ads panel after sometimes to see if there is any increment in Ads count and estimated pending rewards?

In this issue, retry didn’t happen for failed contributions. Do you have logs captured by any chance? If so, can you check if there are any failed confirmations starts with string Failed to create confirmation and check if there are any 503 error logs.

Sometimes, if server is down we see this issue (ads count won’t increase even though ads notification is received) but ideally there should be an retry for the failed confirmations which should display the correct ads count after sometimes if retry is successful.

Can you test is again and revert back if the issue is reproducible consistently?


please read my message carefully. It’s not directly the count of the ads is failing. But what I want to emphasize is that the description ‘Ad notifications received this month’ doesn’t match with the number of ads that is showed. What is showed are the number of clicked ads, not the number of received ads.

A simple adjustment of the description is the correct solution. That’s what I proposed in my original message.

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