Ad Categories incorrect & opt-outs not honored

Ads are not accurately placed in categories.

I receive mostly ads about crypto, which I am not interested in at all. I always downvote them, and when I view the category to opt out of it, I see completely unrelated category titles.

For instance, you would expect to see crypto categorized as “personal finance,” but my history shows crypto ads in categories such as:
Food & Drink
Technology & Computing (this is closer, but still a stretch)

Furthermore, when I opt out of a category, I receive the message that I will “no longer receive ads from this category,” but I still do.

In my picture, you can see that I am opted out of personal finance as of July 2, yet I continue to receive ads in this category:

I would be willing to complete a survey to call-out my interests, and have done multiple survey monkey surveys that I assumed would do just that, but I still receive crypto ads 10:1 over any other ad.

I just received my first “Defi” category ad this morning, and opted out. the second ad I received after opting out was “Defi” again.


Any staff or community members that can share some insight into this?


Hey @G2theC !

What version of Brave are you using? What OS / device?

Thank you,


Thank you for your reply

Brave Version 1.27.109 Chromium: 92.0.4515.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 20H2

Here is yet another example of “creative” categorization for ads:

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And another example:

See how I gave thumbs-down on Amber Group and also “blocked” the “crypto curious” category? A few minutes later, I received another ad from Amber Group, in the supposedly blocked category.

As you can also see, I received another ad in the blocked category this morning.


I will report your issue to the Ads Team!

Thanks for notifying us about this issue :slight_smile:




Please provide follow-up here for us!

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Hi, this issue has been fixed with, thank you for reporting this issue.


It does seem much better now - thank you for your work on this issue.

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Unfortunately, the issue is recurring again.
Every ad I get is about crypto, and they are all over the place with the category.

when I open my rewards settings, the ads from the past 30 days are already reviewed with thumbs-down, telling me the system knows I don’t want these ads, but I get them anyway.

I am getting dozens of daily crypto ads categorized as anything under the sun. I also have an online game ad categorized as “mortgage and refinance.”

What on earth if going on with this system?!?

I have noticed the miscategorized ads as well.