No more ads from Brave about Bitcoin and crypto currency

I’m fine receiving ads from Brave. I am not fine receiving ads about CryptoCurrency. Is there a way to stop receiving ads from Cryptocurrency while still receiving ads?

Yes, there is…KIND OF. You go to brave://rewards and then click on 30-day Ads History. (bottom right of screenshot)

New Tab - Brave 6_26_2022 12_02_53 PM

Once that’s open, you’ll see things like below:

You’ll notice on the far right are categories that the ads fit into. One of them is Crypto but the other is Personal Finance. If you :heart: then you’ll see those types of ads more. If you :no_entry_sign: then you’ll no longer see ads in those categories. Obviously that might block out additional stuff and not just cryptocurrency, but primarily those two are where you see crypto ads. So if you :no_entry_sign: those categories you’ll see no more (or at least far less) of those ads but you’ll continue to see things from other categories.

Again, it’s not 100% efficient but that’s the best they are doing about categories in general.

That said, in that same menu, if you see ads you don’t like, you can :-1: that particular ad and will see it less or not at all.

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That should do it. Thanks.

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