Activate Aurora+ as verified creator on the App browser interface

Let’s take a moment to grasp the description captured in a screen shot.

Please what’s the process and KPIs to develop and implement the contract.

@chriscat @SaltyBanana could you guys help please? Thanks so much!

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Hi @JMA_DAO Thanks for reaching out.

Are you suggesting that they should be a verified Creator? Could you kindly elaborate?

Brave Creators FAQ

Hello @SaltyBanana

(I have no idea how that would taste :smile:, is it like :avocado: Avocado and salt’s relationship.)

Yes I am suggesting that Aurora+ be swiftly added as a verified creator.

We are making this suggestions as a member, contributor and a decentralized web3 native community building on Aurora. Open Source.

As a developer, and an expert on the blockchain and web3 technology and the entire ecosystem, we have Identified few KPIs that would benefit all parties involved.
“By all parties involved” we mean Brave :smirk:, Aurora, JMA_DAO, and the entire web3 community.

Let’s consider the following;

  1. A very Brave Developer, like the founder of jma_dao, for example, would love to experiment with Aurora on Brave. How?

see images attached.

I would want to generously tip
that has just been build on Aurora, with my earned and rewarded BAT, and at the same time create a Pool for a 50% BAT and a 50% Tri. (If the current bearish market thought us nothing, it’s to keep building come rain, come shine, and be very creative with our Liquidity Pools.

  1. Every Aurora community members and contributiors would love to Port, and make Brave their Default Browser. I mean why not?
    It’s an amazing way of giving back to the community you love, believe and build on.

This would also give Aurora Devs and community members the opportunity to be creative and explorative, it’s a win win for all parties involved. Don’t you think?

In addition to the above points, it’s a tremendous awareness and growth strategy for Brave Browser, because I wouldn’t just want to browse and then tip, :wink: I would be Brave enough to also download the Brave wallet and connect…Uphold, Gemini etc.:grinning:

If I were a Brave member/Contribor, what is the process for compensation and contribor rewards. You see, that’s what keeps us actively contributing and simultaneously building across DAOs.

Finally, Is Brave going to be at ETHDenver23?

Warm regards


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I guess that will have to be done by the owner of the website. Brave can’t make someone a verified creator from their side. One needs to manually create an account at

And register their website.

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