Brave reward are still inn


My bat tokens are showing payout in process …and as today is 8th of April so today was my payout when can I expect the payment plz tell me


Estamos igual esperando por el pago


Most times you see them on the 9th and sometimes on the 10th. For me I have never been lucky to have it sent on the 8th


But may be it won’t exceed that period of time right? Like 10th will b maximum …

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Am on GMT+1 and look at my payment screenshot

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Please note that payout happens around 8th of every month on US time zone where Brave is based. It’s still in early morning in US.

Thanks for your patience.

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Today is 9th sir but I didn’t received my payout it is still in process


I’m in the same boat–not too concerned as long as it eventually works out

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Why my account is suspended now… yesterday only the payout was processing and now the account is in under review
Help me plz I beg u why u r doing this with me I was very much happy about this and now the account issue plz help me plz help me

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Plzzz anyone help me​:sob::sob::sob:

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Hi @sam107,
Please follow the under review message and send an email to publisher support team.

Nothing that we can do to help you here.
Apologies for the inconveniences.

cc @Asad

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My account is still in under review help me