Account linked but not verified, can't even see my own channel in rewards tab?

Hey, I linked my YouTube channel and verified it a few days ago and I can’t even see mine or anyone’s youtube channel when i click on the rewards button on youtube. There’s no tip page showing up or verified badge. Is this a bug or my account isn’t linked properly?

here’s my channel link:

Thanks for reaching out.
I think this is just the verified publishers list not updating correctly or not yet having updated itself.

On my end, I see your site appear as verified. I’ve also taken a look at your Creator account on the back end and everything seems to be setup correctly. Typically these types of issues with the list of verified Creators resolve themselves – you may want to try a browser relaunch and/or PC restart and see if you’re able to see verified channels afterwards.

But as far as your channel configuration goes, you should be all good.

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