Accessibility options

I hadn’t really paid any attention to this until I was talking to someone who was deaf. They are using Chrome because of the options for Live Captions. We don’t seem to have anything like that within Brave. In fact, I don’t even see any accessibility options at all.

Am I missing it hidden somewhere or is this something that Brave can work on for the future?

Check the flag. By default, on chrome the flag must be turned ON.
On brave, the team might have turned if off, due to some privacy harming stuff from live captions.

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Yeah I already had found and turned it on on chrome but I can’t find it on Brave. In fact, I don’t see anything regarding accessibility within Brave. So that’s why I’m pointing out that there is room for growth and that I suggest they consider adding features to make the app more accessible to others.

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Other information which may help from a related accessibility feature request:
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Chromium Accessibility Documentation:

Accessibility Technical Documentation

Accessibility Overview

Accessibility: Assistive technology support

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We do have some open issues for accessibility focused features, but yes you are all correct — there is a lot of room to grow here.


I’m not totally sure if it’s accessibility related or not, but when I open a new tab and I use the keyboard tab key to move to the widgets for the custom links (or frequently visited sites). When I’m focused on an icon and I press the return/enter key it doesn’t do anything. I expect it to take me to the site as with other keyboard focusable elements. When I look at it in dev tools they are each <a> elements given a button role. Under description, there’s information for how to rearranged the order of the widgets using space bar but nothing about opening the link. Does this happen for others or just a setting I’ve overlooked?

I’m able to perform this action as you describe and get the result you’re looking for.

  1. Open NTP
  2. Hit Tab key to highlight/select one of the top-sites/favorites/frequently visited icons
  3. Hit Enter key and launch the site

Further, if i hold Shift while pressing Enter, the site ill open in a new Window (as if I were clicking on the link) and if I hold Cmd (Ctrl on Windows) the site opens in a new tab.

There may be something else at play here such as a particular extension that is blocking this functionality for you.

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Sorry for the long delay! But yes, it’s likely another issue that I haven’t been able to debug. I appreciate your response.

This is pretty much a Chrome clone with the same flags, including Live Caption. Why has it been so hard to add Accessibility in the settings? I have to stop using this browser because things are difficult for me now. I NEED live captions where it’s not available on some sites. Even though Youtube has it, it’ is frequently appalling and sometimes in the wrong language, too.