Live Caption feature request

I see no live caption, when do you plan to include this?
I see old feature requests dated back to May 19 but no progress?, it has been 3 years now.

What is the name of the extension, link?

Within the chrome, it does not look like an extension, it is part of the setting menu, not in the extension bar at the top

I have checked previously and could not find it.

Can you suggest which extension because it seems Chrome has an integrated feature as a live caption under accessibility menu that is not an extension item?

Can you help or are you planning to upgrade the live caption in Brave (not extension).
I would hate to go back to Chrome.

The Live Caption feature used to be available in Brave, but developers disabled it due to privacy reasons.

However, Brave developers are considering re-introducing the feature along with privacy measures at some point as Brave’s Product Manager recently assigned the priority/P4 label to the Github ticket below, which by description means a planned work. Of course, there is nothing set in stone and things can undergo changes.

I can’t recommend an extension because I’ve never used a similar one, just wanted to address the part of your thread regarding the Live Caption feature missing in Brave.

I’m happy to offer as volunteers to try out this feature when it in the Beta stage.
I have read the issue link and am not very familiar with SODA and do appreciate privacy concerns.
Live caption is important for HoH and the Deaf and it is needed accessibility features. I’m sure others would benefit from this.

Wondering any progress?, when the work begin?

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