Access denied to brave search server on a Linux terminal based browser

Description of the issue: Sometimes when my CPU/RAM is overloaded on my device when it uses RAM intensive application, I use Lynx browser. It is a terminal based browser and afaik the first browser and oldest browser in existence. Duckduckgo works the way it should. Below images show are of brave search and ddg. I have used ‘abcdxyz’ words as search example.


Operating System: GNUX/Linux (or Linux OS). Browser:-Lynx

@Mattches (possibly @sampson)

Hello and thank you for reaching out.
I’ve confirmed with the Search team that while we do not support these environments at this time, we will have support for them implemented in future releases.

Appreciate your understanding and apologies for any inconvenience.

Right now, I can use brave search engine on the lynx (terminal browser). It is working just like ddg in the above photos.