About the new rules can anyone help me?

I read the new rules about linking the uphold

Here is the scenario:

My brave publisher account is disconected to uphold since june 15-20

And now as in now i connect it to my uphold account july 12

According to new rules all refferal will be void if uphold is not connected until june 30

Here is the question:
Is my brave account is void and cannot join the ref. Program anymore because i conect it to uphold now? Or can i use again the refer link that i have?

Or should i remove and conect again my youtube channel?


@eljuno need answer for this can you help me with this?


Where i can read the new rules?


They email it to me, you can search it in google


@eljuno @steeven please reply to my question i need a answer


@YISUE what country are you based in?

Im not from the ban country im from the land of happy people call Philippines :philippines: and i thank you

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@steeven Steven where are you

Then yes, you can join the referral program.

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