About my estimated earnings

Yesterday July 7 my rewards estimated earnings is 2usd, now when mi open my laptop, it was 1.35usd. Can someone help me on this why this happen?
Picture attached

The same as mine too. I got 8.1 BAT and now i got 1.8 already. Ads are very low too

Also for me on ADS. What is going on!

Can you share a screenshot of your brave:rewards page, @Donnie2020?

I’m asking about this @Donnie2020 :point_up::sweat_smile:

Copy paste brave:rewards to address bar.

sorry… but i am also thinking maybe it was deducted the pay i receive last July 6 amounting to 2.6 BAT… that is why now i have a 5.3 BAT from 7.9. Is that correct what i am thinking @eljuno?

Yes. That’s my best guess. And screenshot I asked will confirm that.

Do note, earning estimation always include earning from previous month to today. So if it’s paid, the balance will adjust itself and only show estimation for this month.

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I can’t access my BRAVE REWARDs PAGE now.

Is this normal? I am just 10 days from using BRAVE BROWSER please bare with me.

Don’t worry auto confirmation Payment he will take it automatically every month

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This is now my BRAVE REWARDS.
still it says “The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later.”
It started last July 1 until now.

hola brave tengo un problema con respecto a mis ganancias. Diariamente generó ganancias al ver publicidades, pero al siguiente dia esas ganancias son reducidas .Esto pasa cada dia , pero el dia de hoy 08/07/2020 pase de tener 1,01 dolar de bat a tener 0.23. La verdad es que ya no se si dejar de usar brave por el fastidio.
Por favor si pueden responderme.

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