Autofill and Passwords

I have been using Brave (Google Chrome) for several years. Today I wanted to change a password on Brave or Google Chrome. In doing so, I was alerted to the following on both browsers:

“Google Chrome / Brave is trying to display passwords. Enter your password to allow this.”

Previously, I was able to select and use other alternatives to save or change passwords under “Autofill and Passwords”. Now, only entering my username and password is possible.
When I tried it, both entries are not correct. I don’t remember ever having to enter a new password in the “Autofill and passwords” settings to save or view new passwords.
What could be the reason for this? Is this a new feature? How can I access or change this feature?

At the moment I can’t save or change new passwords or anything like that.

I’m thankful for every hint or help.

Best regards, Fabian

This feature has always been present. If you have a password set for your system, then Brave (and Chrome) will request you enter that password before viewing login data. This a common security measure taken that you will find in most browsers.

Can you tell me what happens when (on macOS, for example) you go to Settings --> Autofill --> Passwords, try to view a password and enter your macOS system password?

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