A password for the browser itself

I’d like to request a feature that locks the browser itself. This feature should be an optional setting, the idea is when you open the browser it will first ask for a password. Only after entering the correct password, the user will be able to access the browser.

Why I want this feature - I have a PC at my home, which is often used by other family members too. I have my own laptop and everything, but the PC is my main machine. I use Brave on this PC (and laptop) and others use Google Chrome. But, if they open Brave, they will be able to access all my logins, see my history, and according to the default settings (which I like) the web page I was on the last time I used Brave will be the first one to open, most likely my social media. Currently, the only way to protect my logins, history, etc. from anyone else who uses this PC is to log out which, to be honest, is quite a hassle every time I have to do it. Having a password that protects the entire browser from being used would be super handy and I won’t have to worry about people using everything I’m logged into from Brave.


ditto this request - the ability to set a “Master Password” preventing usage of my saved logins is of the main reasons Firefox has been my default browser for years… admittedly, I’m not a software developer, but this seems like such a powerful feature for me that I’m not sure how/why other browsers haven’t instituted something similar… note: the iOS version of Brave DOES have a “passcode” lock, which I set right away, and searched for over an hour how to do likewise on the desktop (Windows) version…