432webplayer support

I’d like brave to add support to enable playing songs for this site https://432hz.live/.
(double asterisk) I, possibly among other people, have some demand. And I ask Brave to give me supply. That way I can play songs with 432webplayer, which supports playing music in 432hz, on desktop. (double asterisk)

Hi @jordy,
On my end, I am able to play music on that site.

Can you try creating a new test profile and seeing if you can play music on it then?
Click on the menu icon in the top right corner > create a new profile.

I have created a new profile. And again I can’t either drag music or add by clicking ‘click to add tracks’. When dragging music it opens the file in a new tab. When clicking ‘click to add tracks’, nothing happens.
Here’s my recording https://ufile.io/22jfq3bx

Hey, thanks for the report, I can reproduce the issue. Have logged a ticket for it

For privacy, looks like we’re blocking File access API, which is preventing the adding/drag and drop

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