playlists creation for large number of tracks aren't fast enough in brave's Spotify web player... However everything is instant on Desktop

i use web player version of Spotify more than the desktop version and i want sorting the tracks in a playlist by “Date added” on web player but since Spotify doesnt offer this option on web player of spotify… i mostly launch the desktop version whenever i make changes to my main playlist and sort the playlist order by date added and make a new playlist with that order… so now, even though web player doesnt have sorting feature, i can quickly switch to the newly created playlist whenever i want the main playlist to be sorted with recently added tracks on web player.

i have noticed web version of spotify is taking much longer time to create the playlist fully as it is like how the desktop version does it instantly. For web player, i can see the playlist creation instantly however there are no tracks… it is taking more than 20 minutes to reflect changes… the problem is not that it doesnt work, it works but it’s not fast enough

see gif

Watch in HD and Full Screen

Playlist link to troubleshoot

Not a spotify user, though I have a login. Not sure what I’m looking at here. I loaded the playlist, where is the issue?

watch the video in full screen, i mainly use the spotify desktop app because the ctrl+A command to select all tracks is not working on brave browser(spotify web player)

this happens while i press ctrl+A

on desktop app, it works fine

problem mainly occurs with large playlists(BULK playlist changes are taking longer on spotify web app(brave browser) for the changes to be reflected)

you can reproduce the issue by following the first post or simply by watching the video shown above… i mainly create the other temp playlist and the reason for being large is to avoid duplicates as for some spotify playlists, for some reason, they remove all of the songs in the entire playlist and re add it again with just 5 or 6 new tracks which is annoying as while you check the playlist all of the tracks shows DATE ADDED 8 hours ago but most of the tracks was already there in that playlist and there were only 5 new tracks added which makes me tired of skipping the tracks to find out what are added new… that is why i add all of the tracks in all of the spotify playlist which i liked in one separate playlist for checking and then move the songs which i liked to the main playlist(this essentially saves a lot of time!)

Since the web version lacks the ability to multi select, i use the desktop app to multi select the tracks in the main playlist(after sorting it by recently added since the web version also lacks the filtering option as i said above) to a temp playlist to get the songs listing order by recently added… while i do it, there is a delay in time for these changes to be reflected… i personally like using web version of spotify in brave browser as the experience is much faster than desktop app but there is just this problem which i just thought it would be nice to have it fixed.

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