2nd Month in a row that I don't get the Rewards

Hello everyone.
As last month happened, i’m currently waiting to get the estimated pending rewards updated in mi uphold account, but yet with no luck.

Can someone help me with this problem? Do I have to get mi uphold wallet verified to get them?


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You need to click that “Verify wallet” to connect it to your Uphold account. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034841711-What-is-a-verified-wallet-

Thanks for the reply. I have already verified my account and still i don’t get the payment.

What else is missing?

Same thing here, its has been 2 month ( January and Febuary 2020) that i didn’t receive Brave reward payement and my “Estimated pending rewards” restart from 0 every month.
N.B. : “Verify wallet” also verified

Hi @qpongoaka - There is a freeze period the first week of the month. If you’ve just verified your wallet, then the payment will process as a part of the April payout.

Finally i got my link to get part of the rewards of this month.
The problem now is that when i try to withdraw those BATs to my verified Uphold account, it appears that it’s not working because my Brave Browser Uphold wallet is still in 0,00.

I saw that in the community lot of people are compleining about this same issue.
Can you provide any help?

Hi @qpongoaka - as mentioned above, there is a freeze period the first week of every month, so no BAT since you have verified this week will be sent until April.

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Like what @steeven said, if you have just verified your account, you’ll get the payout on the following month ( next payout cycle ). This happened to my friends who just verified their Uphold account and don’t worry, your pending rewards that you didn’t get this cycle will be credited on the next one.

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My wallet has been verified since Aug 19’ and I haven’t seen anything yet. I just keep clicking the ads hoping it’s stored somewhere. Where else can I look?

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