20 results max?

No matter what I search for using brave search, I never see more than 20 results and there are no “paging” controls at the bottom of the page.

Is this a limitation of the beta or is something strange going on in my browser?

Browser: Brave v. V1.26.67 (MacOS)

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Hey @pjv !

This is expected behavior of Search; we show 20 results (which on other search engines is 2 pages of results).


Forever? Or is this just a beta limitation?

It may change in the future, but this is the intended function as of right now.

Hope that helped clarify!


Consider this part feedback then: That’s sad. I had high hopes for Brave Search. I don’t know how others use search, but I often find myself spelunking through pages and pages of hundreds of search results to find what I am looking for - especially when searching for technical stuff. Back to Ecosia I guess.


I will change the post category to Feedback! :smiley:

All the best!


I wonder who will be using this search engine. Schoolchildren or old ladies in their 80s who are lazy and tired enough to browse through several pages.
The results I find in first 20 results are ridiculously generalized and not specified.
Your search engine is DOOMED to failure. Believe me. To limit it’s capacity by 20 search results per query is beyond any logical comprehension. I was about to recommend it for using to my students but I see it is completely useless. 20 search results it is a funeral bell for Brave Search. Seriously


This right here is a non-starter. Only 20 search results? No one will use Brave Search if that’s the case. You may as well stop development now.


Basically, 20 results accounts for two full pages for search results from other engines. Both result quality and (typically) engagement beyond that drop significantly. Note that we are not perfect and we recognize that this particular approach does not necessarily work for all users.

This is something that we’ll be looking at carefully and considering for future releases to ensure that Brave Search works more efficiently for more queries and users.

Please remember that Search is still in Beta and is constantly being monitored and adjusted to give a smoother, more accurate search experience.


i would agree that typically the first page or two of results is what users actually look at.

however, i would also ask for the ability to enable requesting additional results.

excellent work, please give my regards to the team :+1:


I often perform an image search (crafting ideas, etc.), and I scan through literally DOZENS of pages of results. That’s even after filtering out Pinterest (I HATE Pinterest) and YouTube results. 20 results is NOTHING, not even a full page of images. Make the limit user-configurable and then we’ll talk.


I didn’t even notice the pagination was missing, I have the habit of refining my query on any search engine if I don’t find what I’m looking for on the first page. Only in a few edge-cases have I ever traversed to page 2.

Despite my normal usage, I consider a search engine with a 20 result limit more of a toy then a tool and not really worth using, I would prefer a SE that’s usable in 99.9% of the queries when page 1 is enough and the 0.1% of queries when I have to check page x and y.


I have to add my voice to the rest here, showing 20 results is very limiting. On DDG, Qwant, Bing, Google even Ecosia you get near unlimited results to browse through.


This really will kill the search engine. Sometimes I search for particularly rare searches that aren’t usually included in the first pages because of how little people click them. 20 results tops is nothing for that.


20 results are quite good but most of the time the search results are unexpected means the results are different from other sercah engine.
I hope brave would fix this with much better results in future.

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yes it is not very good idea to give only 20 searches,but most of time we get answers in 1-2 pages only…
i hope we would get mores search result in future…

I highly value Brave as a browser, the best one I’ve had in recent years. I have practically no reason to complain. I am a satisfied user.

I decided to give your search engine a chance.

But when I saw that the result limit is 20, I gave up :).

Really, believe me, I often search for information FAR deeper than the first 20 results. I am surprised by this decision of the authors of this search engine.


Unlike the others here, I don’t necessarily mind the 20 results. When I reach the end without finding anything, it’s a prompt for me to enter a new term to try a different approach when searching.

How about adding some suggested searches to narrow down the results at the end? In addition, another input field so people can change their search without scrolling to the top of the page again.

today i set it as my defult search engine…lets see how it goes …

While it’s rare for me to go past even the first page of search results, there are definitely times when I do. Not having that option seems like a mistake.