20 results max?

I don’t understand the logic of a limit such as 20 results, when I used Google I had it set to show 100 results per page, and there were many pages. When I am shopping for something specific to compare prices, 20 results would be woefully inadequate… I certainly hope Brave re-thinks this limiting and adds a more robust customization for those who might want unlimited results.

I have to agree with everyone else. I really like Brave Search, and it’s true that you normally find what you’re looking for in the first page of results. But why the hard limit? And why 20? It’s arbitrary. There are times when you want to see results further down the list, perhaps several pages in. At the very least, I would think showing 100 results should satisfy most people, but why not just show all of them, if people care to dig that deep?

I will add this. I don’t really like the UI of discrete “pages.” DDG has an option to simply continually scroll down. Since Brave Search now uses a “sticky” header (that reappears when you start scrolling back up), the problem of being way down the page is eliminated. Or, a “back to top” button could be added.


It’s both arbitrary and a dumb decision on Brave’s part.

First meaningful misstep from Brave, I think.

Brave browser still top of the pile for me, but I wish I could use Brave search too. As-is, it remains close-to useless for me.

I would like to join here, only 20 results is a no go for me. At least configurable how many results you want to get should be possible, otherwise I can’t use Brave Search and won’t recommend it.

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Could not agree more. Regardless of Bravo’s features, this severe limitation on search results will cause me to use a different browser every day. I’m typically looking for very specific, technical information, that does require going 50 to 100 deep to find what I need.