Youtube videos are not working

Hello i just created the account since it the first time i am facing a bug in the browser. the bug is that the most of the videos that are opened are not playing, they have black screen and only the audio plays and the video itself from the youtube has somewhat an larger screen than what is usually used to be… the right side gets an extra space and only the audio can be heard. happened with multiple videos and i did uninstall and reinstall the browser from ur offical website.

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Not really sure as I don’t get this problem, but sounds like it could be related to hardware accelerated rendering.

You can try running Brave with GPU disabled, with the --disable-gpu command line option, and see if it makes a difference. How to do that depends on which operating system you are on.
edit: Brave Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration. Duh.

It’s a bit odd that it only happens one some videos though, it could also be a problem with the multimedia “codecs” – which can be from the OS or installed by the user.

In any case, developers will need basic information about the graphic card and its driver, the operating system, and Brave version in order to be able to investigate the issue.

Current Brave release should be 1.28.106 if I’m not mistaken, see brave://about if it says it’s up to date. It should, since you just reinstalled it.

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