Youtube frequently crashes with the message "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION"

Description: Hi. This issue happens recently and I’ve no idea why it happen since I’ve never had this issue before. Basically, every time I’m watching Youtube, the page crashed with the message “STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION”. Just now the page crashes on Youtube homepage instead of when I watches any video.

How can this issue be reproduced?: Not sure.

Expected Results: Fix plz

Brave Version: Version 1.19.88 Chromium: 88.0.4324.96 (Official Build) (64-bit)**

Additional Information:
1. First time happens.

2. I have the following extensions - Adblock for Youtube, Adblock - best ad blocker, Adobe acrobat, Disable automatic tab discarding, Export chrome history, Google translate

Hello, please disable all extensions and enter in youtube website.

I have also experienced this, not just with Youtube, but with basically any site I use. It just happened minutes ago while I was on Twitter.

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Yeah my twitter crashed just now.

Doesn’t work unfortunately. I’ve disabled all the extensions and restart Brave but it still crashes with the same error.

Sorry to hear it didn’t work out. If I were you, would wait for the response of a brave staff.

Greetings, Markook

Having the same issue like5-10 times per day. Often on youtube, but even scrolling down facebook or just about any website I get:
About to switch back to firefox because this is just so irritating

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