Youtube ads appearing again

To be fair, usually it helps to Search Before Posting. The link I’m providing when I speak of searching gives a bit of a rundown on searching and sorting through results here on the website. If others are having or did have the issue, you’ll see also if they found solutions. It’s incredibly helpful when people do that instead of having other people continually repeat the same information.

Lastly, if you try the steps as shown by Mattches in my initial reply and still have issues, maybe try the steps at the initial post of mine at YouTube Aggregated issue (Merged Topic) which are:


Make sure:

  • You have everything updated at brave://components
  • Brave is updated to its most recent release
  • You are using little to no extensions. If you have an issue, remove them entirely or test in private or new profile. You’ll tend to see issue won’t persist when you do this.
  • Don’t use custom filters if possible.
  • You may have to clear cookies/cache, as some have reported the warning will continue to show until then.

If none of that makes a difference, please reply to let us know. But this is something constantly being worked on as YouTube is trying to force people to view ads.