No ads in the past month

I have once again not received any ads on my macbook OS 14.2.1 (23C71) for about 6 weeks. Not sure why this is happening

no one responds–why is that?

  1. Lots of topics and not enough people helping. Can make it easy for topics to slip through without seeing them.

  2. You provided no details. For example, which ads are you saying you haven’t seen? What version of Brave are you using? What country are you in? Are you connected to a custodial account? List goes on.

  3. You didn’t put your topic in a category. If you need help for Rewards, you should have posted under Rewards Support but your topic is Uncategorized. And whenever you would have chosen the appropriate category for your topic, you would have been given a template you would be expected to answer, such as:

Please read through our Help Center articles before opening a topic.

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Please fill out the template below:

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Briefly describe your issue:

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  1. You have been helped before and we saw you were seeing ads even though you claimed you didn’t. That topic was at No ads for weeks I’m not sure if your in the same situation or what? And I provided you some information about ads, how to check campaigns near you, etc. Brave shows ads to people even if they are flagged/suspended.

Side Note on Ads

The only way you can block the ads is if you have Rewards off and/or everything disabled. I mean, even with Rewards turned off, they still show you ads in Brave News. There’s literally no way for us to not see ads in Brave News, even if we don’t want to see them. Then Sponsored Images can be shown even if you’re not participating in Rewards, though there’s at least a toggle for that. As for ad notifications, they will show as long as Rewards is enabled and your OS isn’t blocking them.