YouTube adds are back


I don’t understand why, since this morning YouTube adds are back. I haven’t changed anything, I tried cancelling and re-uploading the app, but still…the adds are back! Does anyone know what to do?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Link to youtube video reliably showings ads, and your geo location?

Just tested various Mr Beast videos (reliably Ad ridden)

Also tried Movies with ads (US VPN Needed for me).

Logged in also, no pre-roll ads seen so far

There you go, a YouTube video with an add.

I’m in France but I have a VPN

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Same here, brave for android shows the adds at the beginning of most youtube videos from yesterday or so. From Hungary and using brave 1.17.75 on android 9. Any help or suggestions? Thank you :slight_smile:

Does these ads occur in Desktop Brave?

no it does not, but i removed and reinstalled brave, seems ok now.


Just tested this video (and a few from the sidebar)

Just clearing the cache and cookies, then re-login into youtube.

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You mean in the app, the rage browser? Yes.

I did but adds are still showing

I’ve rolled out a patch/potential fix, give it 24-48hrs. Not sure if this will help or not.

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It’s been a few days and nothing has changed, is it just me?

@Lewwis17 YouTube is famous for adding new roadblocks for adblockers. Happens all the time. And @fanboynz works hard on updates.

Nothing is perfect in this world. :v:

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