Your account is under review --- HELP

Buenas tardes, llevo casi 2 mes esperando a que liberen el mensaje para obtener mis recompensas como creador de contenido y aun no recibo respuesta. Desconozco el motivo del bloqueo.

Ya mande mensaje al correo sin embargo no recibo respuesta. :frowning:

Espero no tarden.

Los Oscuros ND-YouTube, etc.


Good afternoon, I’ve been waiting for almost 2 months for them to release the message to get my rewards as a content creator and I still haven’t heard back. I do not know the reason for the blockade.

I already sent a message to but I do not receive a response. :frowning:

I hope they don’t delay.

Hey there.
@SaltyBanana could you / have someone take a look?

Hi @Aztrox thanks for reaching out.

We appreciate your patience. Unfortunately we do not have record of you reaching out to Could you write to us again and we can take a look.


thanks, I just wrote back to email

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