Window buttons on the wrong side in Gnome 43

I have buttons configured to the left side of my application windows in Gnome. Since about four weeks this no longer works correctly and Brave puts the buttons on the right side regardless the Gnome setting.

Hello @Silvio, thank you for reaching us out. Can you please share a screenshot with the actual result so we can have a better understanding and better assist you with this. Thanks in advance.

Here is a screenshot of Brave (incorrect) and Chrome (correct) on the background.

Just to be clear: until recently Brave looked just like Chrome still does. The incorrect behavior started a few (4-6?) weeks ago after a normal version update. I thought it might be a temporal glitch so I waited to see if this would be fixed. Since that did not occur until now I decided to report it.

This is Gnome 43 on Fedora 37/Wayland. The results are identical on X.

Well. The problem appears to be solved so this issue can be closed.

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