Why website showing Ad-blocking disable notification after brave shield is off?

I was browsing news which lead me to a website. I switched off the brave shield still the website throwing notification for disabling the Ad-blocker. Ideally, it should do. How can I browse the website after switching shield off??

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We try to resolve it, if possible. Which site is it?

The particular website in screenshot I referred to was BUSINESSINSIDER.COM but there are whole lot of other websites including and not limited to msn.com, forbes.com, ndtv.com, economictimes.com etc. where even after disabling shield the pop-up shows.

Further investigation, businessinsider.com isn’t easy to fix, this will be fixed when we merge ubo filters into brave in the near future. The other domains would probably be the same, would check but its middnight here…

Even after turning off the shield the website pop-up a message to disable ad blocker. Seems there is a glitch in the system function and even though its turned off in the background the ad blocker still works

Another case of Ad shield error. This time I was browsing https://www.techacrobat.com/ and beside the Global shield is turned off still the website shows the message of “Block Adblock”. Refer to the attachment with this post

There is another adblock extension causing this, the site is checking for elements being loaded. Even with sheilds enabled, it won’t display.

Adding this to your adblock extension, would resolve it


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