Why my site is not verified?

Description of the issue:
Why my site is “unverified” but I have already verified!

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Click on triangule icon on site walltime.info and it shows “Not yet verified” - but it is verified!

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@walltime Kindly clear your browser cache memory and refresh. If it still says unverified, wait for a little time for it to synchronize.

@walltime you may want to search for existing thread first before opening a new one. :wink:

See Why my YouTube channel is not able to verified?


@eljuno I tried before and didn’t find it. @iznai How can I clear my browser cache and memory?

In the new version I was able to update the info! :slight_smile: Thanks.

Threads like this should be a pinned so that new users can find it easily and not create duplicates. :wink:

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