Channel not verified

I’ve been waiting 2 days for the verification of my channel, but it still tells me that I’m not verified.

I followed the guide to delete the publisher_list file correctly without open browser instances.

I reopened the browser and nothing.

My operating system is: windows 7 64bits

my brave version is: Version 0.62.51 Chromium: 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Capture my channel:

My browser shows you are verified already. Try clearing your browser cache memory and restart the browser.

Thank you very much for responding, Iznai, delete the cache and cookies, I closed the browser and reopened it and it still does not appear verified, I do not know what may be happening.

Any other solution I can apply?

I have downloaded the new beta version and I already get my channel verified, my problem is solved :slight_smile:
same here it says not verfies could you check mine please

you verified

why does on mine it says not verifired

Hi there, try fully clearing your browser cache, too :slight_smile: We are working on an actual fix soon!

HI I DIDNT get a payment in uphold . i am fully verfied. but it says pending payouts.

I did not realize that I had not responded to this post because there was a private conversation where I published that the problem had already been resolved, thank you very much to all for your responses.

Solution: use the brave beta.

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